Friday, November 26, 2010

Time, Flying

Well. It is almost a month since we took this photo of Ruby Cat. Three sick kids, one kid getting tooth after tooth, very little sleeping for the blogging mama for several weeks results in not so many posts here. But I needed to show you this cute kitty. Tune in again soon for a small and very cute skunk.

ps - Henry has been working on saying "more" for a couple of weeks now, but today it came out loud and clear when I wasn't fast enough with the yogurt/frozen blueberry concoction he loves. MORE.

pps- While I was upstairs nursing Henry before his nap this afternoon, I could hear the girls playing. They had a CD of Christmas songs on (their favourite) - Let it Snow was playing - and Fiona was saying, "If we can just get a few more balloons cut to hold our fingers together we can be VAMPIRES and then it will NOT BE GOOD for this house!" It was a complicated moment.