Thursday, October 21, 2010

First Word!

Henry spoke his first clear word today (he will be 10 months old in 3 days). He has been saying "ka" and "dree" for a while now (cat/Audrey), but not clearly. But today, today, he said,

"Highchair!" while we were working to soak/scrape/scrub the gucky gick off of his highchair.

Interesting choice of first words as he has little to no interest in being in his highchair at any time. But there it is. Highchair!
The best part of this is that he KEPT saying it, even allowing me to run and get the digital sound recorder thingie so that I have evidence of this early speech proficiency. Should anyone need to hear this, just give me a call and I will proudly play it for you. Highchair!