Wednesday, August 31, 2011

August 31

The end of August always feels like the end of summer to me, even though there are 21 more days of mosquito-free living until it's official. Where are all of those mosquitoes this year, anyway? Waiting to combine their evil wickedness with a Winnipeg winter? Hm.

We've been having great fun these days enjoying parks, museums, pools, thrift stores, and country fairs. Lots still to do to get the house set up (mostly shopping for furniture that can have things put into it), but it will get done (or not) eventually. I had a most enjoyable 5-minute shopping spree at a garage sale in Carmen on the weekend resulting in a mirror for the bathroom. Right now it has an unacceptable fake gold-coloured frame, so a trip to Home Depot to get them to unlock the spray paint section for me is in the works. Will I go with the predictable white? Will it be turquoise, like so many other things I paint? Pink? Brown? Time will tell, my friends. I hope you will all be able to concentrate on the less meaningful parts of your lives as you devote most of your time to wondering and worrying about the future colour of our bathroom mirror.

Now, don't tell me I have been typing all this time and you are just here for photos of the offspring. Not really? Well, here you go:

 The best part of the Winnipeg Zoo - the diggers!
 H won this duck at the Morden Corn and Apple Festival. Then he bit off its beak.
 H enjoying a cherry at East Beach at Birds Hill Provincial Park

Ruby and Fiona enjoying fudgey ice cream bars at the beach

Friday, August 12, 2011


A rare moment on our 30+ hour drive - three sleeping beauties at the SAME TIME.

Building with driftwood at the amazing Neys Provincial Park.

Ruby got stung by something at Halfway Lake Provincial Park and couldn't open her eye for 3 days. No complaining, though, she's not the type.

Here we are in Winnipeg! Well, here we've been, since July 19. Unpacking, furniture finding, swimming, biking, visiting, ballet in the park, Tinkertown, museums, and popsicle making/eating are taking up most of our time these lovely summer days. Hope you are all well, and, if you are not already in Winnipeg, planning a trip to visit.