Sunday, July 4, 2010

Shattered Dreams

So. A while ago now, maybe 5 or 6 months, we noticed something as we were driving north from the 417 exit along Bronson on the way home from somewhere or other. What we noticed was that the decrepit and boarded-up Variety Food Mart was slowly being converted into something else. Very slowly. But we kept watch, and were rewarded for our watching by a sign saying,

"Pizza Cones! Comming Soon!" Despite the spelling error, I was excited. Pizza! In a cone! I like both pizza and cones. This was going to be great!

We watched and watched the space. It became a game to see if they were open yet. And then! Yesterday, on our way home from Peterborough, it happened. The OPEN sign was up! We parked the van at home, popped H in the stroller and zoomed over to taste the glory.

I am left almost speechless at this point of the story. Because, dear reader, pizza cones are not just not good. No. They are expensive (7 dollars for one with one topping), hard to eat, hot on top and bottom but cold in the middle, the ingredients (mushrooms in my case) are not cooked at all (because they're inside the cone, right?) and, well, yuck. Yuck yuck. Add to that that drinks (bottle of apple juice for the ladies and an iced tea for G) are THREE DOLLARS each...God.

The girls sat there, though, pleased as punch with their hot dog pizza umbrellas, not eating them at all (how do you eat this?) and kept saying how good they were. Without actually taking a bite. Hm. AND THEN, PizzaConeMan comes out from the back of the resto and gives the girls each a 25 cm long pink hair extension. It was all very bizarre and most disappointing. I will have to make pizza here one of these days soon to make up for that. Sheesh.